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Invitation to the Game

Invitation to the Game - Monica Hughes, Broeck Steadman

So I have a few little issues with the worldbuilding, but overall, a fun read. We suspect from the outset that The Game is really something else and we are eventually allowed to figure it out with the group from boarding school. One of the things I especially enjoyed was how Hughes gives us a group of sixteen-year-olds, freshly graduated, unemployed, and shares with us how they fill their time. Not as filled with big screen type explosions as The Roar, the drama here is on a much smaller scale, but it works.


One of my quibbles is that there are no disabilities, no disadvantages mentioned within the group, beyond argumentative personalities. But one of the strengths of the book is that we know the students came from all over, and there is no racial or ethnic stereotyping. Despite the cover, one could imagine a group that is all white, all black, or random cross section of humanity, and it is equally valid.


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