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Slapstick or Lonesome No More! - Kurt Vonnegut 2009 May 10

A re-read. This was my first Vonnegut novel and it rocked my world. More than thirty years later, the impact is a little dulled, mostly by other Vonnegut works. In a foreword, he states that this is the closest thing a an autobiography he would ever right. And while I remembered most of that foreword, I remembered little of the novel. No matter. As a novel it's rather weak, and random, and up-and-down. He addresses many of the same sort of ideas in GALAPAGOS more effectively. Still, I love the notion behind "Lonesome No More", and I've based my child rearing upon the invaluable advice he indirectly gives: spend as much time as possible rolling around on the floor, as with dogs. So far, it's working quite well.