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Zoom City - Thacher Hurd, Patricia Hubbell, Jennifer Plecas

Zoom City - Thacher Hurd, Patricia Hubbell, Jennifer Plecas

2000 July 17
2000 Aug 31
2000 Dec 15

One of the differences between having one child and more than one is being able to capture moments. with the first or only child there are more pictures, more notes in the baby book, more attention to which books were checked out of the library and read. And capturing moments enables us to rehearse them and keep them in our memories.

So, an entry for a library book selected by first child, just over a year old, brings back the memory of the old town library, with the new children's books to the right of the entrance, sort of gaping out of the room to catch the eye of everyone who enters and leaves. They had a restriction on new children's books: a limit of 5 to a card. Which is why the baby had her own library card at six months. She loved to pick our books.

There are some board books that never really grabbed me, especially of the Classic flavor. Easter basket, birthday, Halloween, Christmas: any event was worthy of being celebrated with a new kid's book. But man, a lot of those old ones are creepy, or boring, or the rhyme scheme is off. The field has vastly improved with more entries and more competition.

This is an old one, and the library no longer keeps a copy. Look at the pictures at Amazon, and you'll notice that much more attention went into drawing the cars than drawing the critters who were driving. Favorite pages: "Red light. Stop." followed by "Green light. Go. Faster"

Anyway, it's good to capture how appealing this was, if only so I can buy a copy for someone else's baby (I like to give at least one older book and one current popular book both in the board book format, actually I don't know that I ever kept a child's book gift to a two book minimum.) See also Boynton's complete oeuvre and Go, Dog, Go! and Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb which is burned deeply into my brain from the billion repetitions.

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