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Halloween Bingo 2018: my story so far

Updates by phone being so challenging, I now have a big catch-up job to do. Busman's Holiday had been my book for 13 all along. But when it was done I didn't want to read anything else, so I went right on to In the Teeth of the Evidence, #14. Probably I have read that before, not that I have a specific memory, but all the stories were familiar, including one which qualifies the book for the Supernatural square. What it didn't have was any Wimsey and Vane stories. So I got a copy of Striding Folly. The title story has a long dream sequence, which I dislike on principle : if a writer is going to be so blatant, why not just go ahead and say the point straight out? (Dream sequences whose only point is to be weird and disjointed get an unenthusiastic pass). So Striding Folly was disapointing.


At which point I stopped reading and instead binge-watched The Dorothy L. Sayers Mysteries, Strong Poison, Have His Carcase, and Gaudy Night. That seems to have cured the little reading slump allowing me to finish Striding Folly for a Wildcard on Modern Noir which does have a couple of Wimsey/Vane stories. Now I can stop worrying about what I want to read for that square.


I'm slightly amazed at how many physical books I have standing by, unread. Not at all close to a Bingo, but I'm probably going to be the first person to have all the squares called that aren't on the card before getting a bingo.