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Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun - David Macinnis Gill Strong, traditional science fiction with a militaristic aspect. This should appeal to fans of Starship Troopers or Ender's Game, although in this case the rigid training is tempered with humanity. Set on Mars, there's a whole lot of backstory about terraforming and a plague on Earth and how this society came to be, where power rests in the hands of the CEOs of various family-held coporations. Mars' complicated past is shared in snippets throughout the ongoing efforts of Durango and his first, Vienne, to use their military training to earn their keep and do good deeds. He's a mercenary with a heart of gold.A good read, engaging and brisk. I'll happily read any sequels the author cares to write. I don't get the title at all though. It's kind of a weirdly generic scifi title, isn't it? It doesn't have anything to do with the story as far as I can tell.