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The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul  - Douglas Adams 1 Jan 1988
The travails of trying to order a pizza, Valhalla in London, and unexpected encounters with Thor. I loved it.

16 September, 2012
Tash talked me into watching Thor, which I enjoyed enormously. And it reminded me of Adams' Thor, committing an Act of (a) God, when he can't catch a flight to Oslo. More than thirty years later air travel has only become more annoying.It's still fantastically funny, but I'm aware of a sadness to it that I didn't notice on previous readings. The heroine is a widow, the gods are bewildered, homeless and aimless, the yuppies are as annoying as ever. Adams has trouble with plot, so even after reading this at least three times, I'm not exactly clear on what happened at the climax. But with age I seem to have acquired some acceptance: it doesn't bother me that I don't know the details, since the crux is apparent.I wonder what I'll think of it in another thirty years?

27 November, 2016
I'm kind of astounded at what I remembered and what I didn't (the bath, but not the eagle). This time I'm amazed by all the threads connecting it to newer works and authors I enjoy. I don't suppose I'll ever stop imaging what else he might have done if he'd lived longer.