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Santa Mouse, where are you?

Santa Mouse, where are you? - Michael    Brown, Elfrieda De Witt 2008 December 8

Santa Mouse: the Sequel. When I was a kid I insisted that we had to put a yellow light at the top of our tree, just for Santa Mouse. Oddly, I don't think it ever occurred to me to leave him a present, or to see if he had left me one.

A gripping adventure tale, which Dan Brown clearly remembered when writing Angels and Devices, the little plagiarist.


2010 December 13

For the first time I noticed that our tree, dripping with beaded garlands, looks more like the kid's tree in the book than the ones more commonly shown. We were not able to put a nice bright yellow light at the top this year though.

But here's cuteness: the PandaBat wants to leave a piece of cheese for Santa Mouse, along with Santa's Clif bar offering.