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A Friday Update


White has been called

Green has been read, but not called

Red has been read and called


So I haven't been acting as if this was Bingo, at all. Which is only a little embarrassing. I tend to be a this-is-what-I-feel-like-now sort of reader; I'm not at all good at following the curriculum, even when I get to choose all the books on the list. 


But as noted elsethread, I am having a great time. My rereads, Echoes from Macabre and The Thin Man, are holding up well to the passage of a great deal of time. The books by authors I already know well have remained every bit as pleasing as others (Paper Girls by Vaughan, Overbite by Cabot, Incorrigible #5 by Wood, Thieves by Turner). And the new-to-me-authors have become instant hits (Hilton and Morton and Stross. Okay, maybe not the Stross. We'll see when I'm done).


And yesterday I actually managed to pick out books that I will maybe read for the remaining blocks. I bailed on reading from my own shelves; instead I used this as an excuse to acquire copies of books I wanted to read anyway. 


Square Called Book Planned
Murder Most Foul 9/11 Penny
Gothic   shortest of the Horrid Novels
Terrifying Women 9/19 Kirino
Ghost 9/1 Aaronovich
Haunted Houses   Lockwood #3 - The Hollow Boy - requested
Modern Masters of Horror 9/17 The Fireman - requested
Genre: Horror 9/7 Salem's Lot -overdrive
The Dead Will Walk   Burning world - requested


Square Called Book Read Date read
Monsters   Paper Girls vol 3 9/17
Supernatural   Thick as Thieves 9/16
Demons   Atrocity Archives started 9/12/2017
Classic Noir   The Thin Man started 9/16
In the Dark, Dark Woods 9/5 The Lost city of Z 9/13
Country House Mystery   The Lake House 9/19
Classic Horror   Echoes from the Macabre 9/9
American Horror Story   Paper Girls vol 2 9/2
Vampires   Overbite 9/21
Witches 9/13 Carpe Jugulum started 9/21 
Chilling Children   Incorrigible #5: The Unmapped Sea 9/15
Terror in a Small Town   Death by Halloween started 9/21 
Romantic Suspense   Looking-Glass Portrait