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Sunday, September 17th

A few updates. If I can manage to update my card I will add it. I find the Kindle Fire to be great for reading, and for looking stuff up, but just too, too annoying for any real work. I need to get a new computer so I can write long pointless reviews again.


All I really need to do is fix some breakfast and finish at least one of these books. Any of them. Everyone else is reading so much and posting great updates, but I'm much too contented on the sofa with the Enos, surrounded by (I counted) seven stacks of books to read. There isn't a dedicated library in this house, and I don't have a fireplace, but ten-year-old me would be ecstatic over all these books. Thank you, 21st century! Now, about the robot house cleaner: let's see some progress.


Square  Called   Book Read Date Read
Monsters     Paper Girls vol 3 9/17
Supernatural     Thick as Thieves 9/16
Demons     Atrocity Archives started 9/12
Amateur Sleuth        
Classic Noir     The Thin Man started 9/16
In the Dark, Dark Woods 9/5   The Lost City of Z 9/13
Country House Mystery        
Classic Horror     Echoes from the Macabre 9/9
American Horror Story     Paper Girls vol 2 9/2
Diverse Voices        
Murder Most Foul 9/11      
The Raven (free)        
Witches 9/13      
Terrifying Women        
Chilling Children     The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Unmapped Sea started 9/4
Ghost 9/1      
Haunted Houses        
Modern Masters of Horror 9/17      
Terror in a Small Town        
Genre: Horror 9/7      
Romantic Suspense     Looking-Glass Portrait 9/14
The Dead Will Walk