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With my apologies


Square   Book Planned Book Read Date read
Supernatural     Thick as Thieves  
Demons     Atrocity Archives  
Amateur Sleuth        
Classic Noir     The Thin Man starts 9/15
In the Dark, Dark Woods 9/5   The Lost city of Z 9/13
Country House Mystery        
Classic Horror     Echoes from the macabre 9/9
American Horror Story     Paper Girls vol 2 9/2
Diverse voices        
Murder Most Foul 9/11      
The Raven (free)        
Witches 9/13      
Terrifying Women        
Chilling Children     Incorrigible #5  
Ghost 9/1      
Haunted Houses        
Modern Masters of Horror        
Terror in a Small Town        
Genre: Horror 9/7      
Romantic Suspense     Looking-Glass Portrait 9/14
The Dead Will Walk        


Life is being terribly annoying this month, making it hard for me to read and hard for me to post. So I apologize for the hideous appearance of my card and my list, but rushing was the only way I was going to get anything posted. The four books I've finished have all been delightful in their very different ways. The three I'm currently reading are also great fun, so I'm having a fabulous  run after a lackluster August.


I have also been watching Documentary Now with the Offspring and laughing so hard I may have caused permanent bodily harm to myself. At this rate, though, it's going to be next Halloween before I catch up with everyone 's posts. Oh, and there are now give different editions of The Thin Man in our house, which is convenient when one of the cats decided to lie on my current book and osmosis it. At least the cats will absorb books with me.