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The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus From the Quarto of 1604 - Christopher Marlowe

The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus From the Quarto of 1604 - Christopher Marlowe, Alexander Dyce

I was bored. There wasn't any good reason for the devils to be doing anything for Faustus, and this business of signing up souls? What the hell is that? Assuming the soul is a real, discrete, item that can be separated from a body, why would you want one? And if serving the whims of humans gets you out of hell for a while, why wouldn't you devote yourself to your human with slavish devotion? Also what does Helen of Troy have to do with Alexander the Great?

Apparently I wasn't just bored, I was also unable to suspend disbelief for a nano second. Seriously, I was really looking for great stuff from Marlowe, particularly since so many conspiracy theorists seem to believe that Marlowe's death was faked or something, he was really Shakespeare, blah, blah, blah. One good line in the whole thing. Othello is equally puzzling, but it wasn't so boring. At least Iago was some sort of genius of revenge. You could probably convince me though that Marlowe was primarily a spy, and that "writing plays" was just his cover story.

Whatevs. Changing the subject from dull Elizabethans, some of you might have seen an earlier review in which I mentioned the mis-adventures of Calder Alexander Eno. Well, last week all the cats went to the vet for shots, and they took a closer look at his injury. To my horror as a cat person, his tail was not getting better (as I had thought) it was getting worse. They ended up having to remove the last three bones, in order to have enough skin to reseal him. Twenty-four hours after his surgery he was almost entirely recovered, forty-eight hours he was completely back to normal, thwapping humans with his new, shorter, and skinnier tail tip. I share this with you secure in the knowledge that I am not the only person who didn't know that the tip of a cat's tail was so vulnerable, and that losing skin there (seemingly from Scarlett Eno's teeth, she's horrible to him) even a tiny little bit (maybe 5mmx5mm) is potentially very bad. Tail injuries will always warrant vet visits for us in the future. This has been a PSA from Sir Calder NubNub, because  The More You Know logo