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Fluffy Strikes Back (A P.U.R.S.T. Adventure) - Spires, Ashley

Fluffy Strikes Back (A P.U.R.S.T. Adventure) - Spires, Spires

I'm so excited to read this! Thank you, Kids Can Press.
And also, thanks from my high school freshmore, who adores Spires' cats as much as I do.

Fluffy Vandermere looks like the cat a Bond villain would be holding. But Fluffy isn't a pet: he's the head of a secret agency protecting earth from aliens. Thankfully, he hasn't lost his old skills in his time as an administrator, and he still has what it takes to save his headquarters from an invasion.

I'm giggling the whole time I'm typing this, because it is such an amusing parody of the genre, I can totally imagine Sean Connery providing the voice saying "Meow". You know what I've discovered? I don't mind potty humor when it's about cats: sandbox jokes are just fine. It's wonderfully goofy and the cats take themselves very seriously, and if Spires could write a million stories, I'd try to read every single one.


copy from publisher for review