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Half Magic - Edward Eager, N. M. Bodecker (Illustrator)

Half Magic -  'N. M. Bodecker (Illustrator)', 'Edward Eager'
  1. I know Eager was deliberately trying to recreate late Victorian children’s books of the Five Children and It school. And I totally get why he would want to do that: to bring the magic story up enough to be plausible to a new generation of readers who do not summer in the country. And who aren’t British. Admirable goals. But what I don’t understand is why he didn’t set his book in a contemporary period. It’s not explicit, but this is set rather earlier in the century than its publication date of 1954. It has that pre-WWII vibe you get in so many Twilight Zone and Ray Bradbury stories.
  2. Regardless, it’s a cute idea and a fun book, albeit riddled with stereotypes of other peoples. Probably not deliberately racist, just not deliberately NOT racist. If this is a deal-breaker, stay the hell away from the original Mary Poppins books, too.
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