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How This Book Was Made - Mac Barnett,Adam Rex

How This Book Was Made - Mac Barnett, Adam Rex

We are longstanding Adam Rex fans, and I’ve enjoyed his previous work with Barnett, so yeah, I grabbed this off the library shelf. I’m not following a lot of children’s book bloggers any more, so I’m not walking into the library with a list of items, I’m just taking whatever looks appealing on display or the New Shelf. Sometimes I recall someone we used to love and see what’s on the shelf, but usually I find myself in a bookstore or library unable to recall the name of any author or the title of any book that I’ve ever enjoyed. Is that just me, or does it happen to other people, too? Or perhaps other people have other book-shopping quirks that I can’t even imagine? Feel free to share. Anyway, Barnett breaks down the whole process of writing, illustrating, and publishing a book in a way that is both accurate and amusing, not least because of Rex’s great art. I have no idea if kids in general would enjoy this, but certainly the already bookish ones would.


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