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The Selection - Kiera Cass

The Selection -

I’d heard about this as being a good read, and then I’d heard it was shallow, so I’d struck it from the list. But then I got sucked into a buddy-read with my daughter who was every bit as horrified as I was at such a cheesy way of choosing a princess, but also, totally gripped by the twists and turns. The world building isn’t awesome, but we aren’t forced to realize that all at once: like the teenaged characters, we’re just starting to get an idea of what is going on and it is a tangled mess in which everyone is forced to make the least-bad decisions they can. Fast-paced and compelling, the whole series sucks you in regardless of your qualms. Made for fun discussions though, talking about dystopias, plotting, world-building, characterization, etc. I wonder how many people grow up and take a good look around and notice that their society differs significantly from what it purports to be? Oh, yeah, all.


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