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The Princess Diaries - Meg Cabot

The Princess Diaries  - Meg Cabot

1 Jan 2004
1 July 2015

I've read all the books, even the ones that are side stories or fashion tips or the middle grade adventures of a different princess. I've seen both movies repeatedly, and yes, I would love to see another film with Mia as a fully-functioning adult. Also, Julie Andrews continues to be the best.

Oddly enough, for all the real-parent daydreams of my youth, I never imagined being royalty, nor is it something I long for now. What I love about this is that the Mia of this book is a pretty typical freshmore, and of course she would view princessdom not as a shiny fantasy come true, but as a whole lot of etiquette and styling that must be gotten through. Speeches, public appearances, formal dinners: there's no way that stuff is actually fun. Valuable, worthwhile, sure, but not fun. And no fourteen-year-old in her right mind wants to wear a Chanel suit and pantyhose, and low, practical pumps.

It doesn't matter that I have nothing in common with Mia; the books are still a delight to read.

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